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Sunday, January 8, 2012

January 6th NOT SO AWFUL WAFFLE HOUSE:Ooltewah, Tennessee

When I was kid, I thought vacation meant that you got in your car and travelled from one Waffle House to another, staying a hotel or two in between and maybe a visit with Grandma who, of course, thought our Waffle House adventures were shamefully expensive. She was an awesome cook and sometimes shamed my parents into the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and potato chips at the rest area routine. But I remember the gleam that would light in my eye at even the suggestion of a "store bought meal."
THAT was a long time ago.  Now I am trying to avoid grease for the most part. However, when it is 1 Am and you are driving from Chattanooga Airport to Knoxville, Waffle House looks pretty darned good. As my new hubby says, "It's not that easy to screw up eggs." That sentiment was echoed by our perky waitress, Miss Ally, who said, "Waffle House: Food, fast and friendly." Obviously, they taught her well.
I had the scrambled egg whites, grits and a biscuit. The eggs were okay, the grits a bit runny, but good flavor and the biscuit would have made even my penny-pinching grandma smile.  Paul had the eggs with the yellows, hashbrowns and toast. The hash browns were REAL and real good.
Paul's opinion about his walk on the Waffle House side: "Like I said. It's not easy to screw up eggs."
We BOTH liked the price: 2 breakfasts for dinner, a coffee, a diet coke and a tip: just under $15.00.

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