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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Chart House: Melbourne, Florida

January 2, 2012

Mr. Parris and I spent the day on the Space Coast and dined for the evening at the Chart House:

     I have to tell you that ordinarily, I eschew national/international chain restaurants in favor of local flavor. But since it is a holiday and a Monday and some local spots were closed, we thought this restaurant would be the lesser of "the evils." Turns out, we were right :)
     The restaurant is located on the water and is lovely inside.  The service was great as well.  I had a lovely libation called a pineapple mint caipirinha. I have had the caipirinha before in Brazil but this is a nice local version and really delicious and also quite pretty.
I was, of course, tempted to have two of these, but thankfully, I resisted and this left room for my main course. Chart House is a steak and seafood bistro and it is owned by the Landry Seafood outfit that is a family of restaurants. They are originally from Louisiana, so believe me, they can make some very tasty seafood. I chose the Snapper Hemingway which is snapper in a cream based crab sauce.

In reality, although this dish was probably capable of being world class, the fish was  bit overdone, especially on the ends and a little tough. The middle was good. Great potential but mediocre execution. Mr. Parris, however, had a delicious scallop dish in a basil sauce that would, as he said, "Melt in your mouth."

Mr. Parris opines, "The Landry's family of restaurants produces a delicious and reliable product." Spoken like an engineer baby ! :)  The price tag for the dinner, drinks and gratuity was $114.00.

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