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Saturday, January 28, 2012

January 28, 2012: HOSPITAL FOOD AGAIN! Chicken salad sandwich.

Chicken salad is a very versatile medium to work with. There are many places on this planet, including my house, where a chicken salad sandwich is an artform and a truly delicious meal option. Unfortunately, UT Hospital is not a bastion of chicken salad goodness. It is a location of chicken salad acceptableness only.

Here's some places across America that have been cited as chicken salad sandwich meccas:

Graul's Market in Baltimore, Maryland
The Potbelly sandwich chain
The World's Best Sandwich truck on 20th St between Broadway and Park Ave in New York City.

Personally, I like my chicken salad with almonds, seedless grapes and some curry. And please, not too much mayo. I hate sloppy mayo all over the place.

I think the perfect bread for it is a croissant, but usually I go for whole wheat!

Sometimes, it is best to keep this blog short. :)


  1. I am not a huge fan of chicken salad, I love an egg salad sandwich, but not the chicken salad one. Probably because it reminds me of Tuna salad, which is the worst. I can't help but think someone once realized their meat was going bad and they tried to cover it up with mayo and strong spices and pretended like they invented something great.

    I just don't trust it.

  2. You know, I have to agree that there is nothing much worse on this planet taste wise than a poorly done chicken salad. And I have to also agree that I think the biggest problem with it is usually an overenthusiasm for mayonaisse.
    Your comment reminds me of another "food" that got invented from something "spoilt:" SOUTHERN COMFORT. They added all the spices to cover up whiskey tainted with sea water.