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Thursday, February 16, 2012

February 15, 2012: Doing the Hospital Scrounge- Results Hibachi Leftovers and A quiz!

Back on call at the proverbial mecca of medical wisdom...for your life :)
Before I comment on my dinner, I must first comment that a patient taught me an important concept tonight. Ever have your friends ask you to go somewhere and you really didn't want to go? I usually just don't get in the car with them, but say you were already in the car when they announced they wanted to... go eat chitterlings let's say as an example. What is an effective method to get them to change their minds?
My patient came up with the ultimate showstopper. Stab yourself in the chest! It was a highly effective tool in getting her request to go elsewhere granted. Of course, the friends may object to all the blood in the carseat, but likely, you will never face this situation with them again.

On to table talk now. It's always a challenge to find something both edible and healthy in a hospital. Don't ask me why, but hospital cafeterias are some of the final bastions of the unhealthy greased up, cheese coated diet. Tonight I found leftover hibachi factory sides though in the office refrig! Rescue (sort of).
Apparently all the meats and rice were gone, but no one likes the veggies I guess. Which is great for me, because I love and actually prefer them. There were zucchini and onions and glazed carrots.
The zucchini and onions were very tasty. The glazed carrots were too sweet for my taste, but I am sure some would find them perfect. Kind of like that sickening sweet syrupy iced tea in some parts of the South. Hate it, but many LOVE it.

Tonight we will have QUIZ CARROT!

True or False. The root words for carrot refer to its horn like shape.

Which of the following tidbits about carrots is incorrect?
A. The carrot is native to Europe and Asia.
B. The part of the carrot you eat is the taproot.
C. The flowers on a carrot plant are white.
D. The greens on a carrot are inedible.
E. In India, carrots are part of a popular dessert.

Which of the following statements is TRUE?
A. Growing carrots alongside tomatoes will reduce their yield.
B. Carrot pudding originated in Ireland.
C. Beta carotene, the pigmented chemical in carrots, is metabolized in
humans to Vitamin A.
D. Eating large amounts of carrots substantially improves night vision.
E. Kabul, Afghanistan claims to be the carrot capital of the world.

True or False. Carrots take three months to mature from seed.

True or False. Carrots can be used to treat intestinal parasites.


Question 1. True.
Someone thought carrots were "horny."

The greens are edible, but I have never seen anyone consume them.

Carrots INCREASE the yield of tomatoes. Carrot pudding is an ENGLISH dish. It does not produce any major increase in night vision to eat bunches of carrots, but the beta carotene does indeed get metabolized to Vitamin A, the friend of the eyeball. Holtville, California believes itself to be the carrot capital of the world, although Bradford Ontario, Ohakune New Zealand Croissy sur Seine, France, Aarau Switzerland, Schenectady County NY Creances France, and Beypazarı, Turkey all celebrate International Carrot Day on April 4th with a festival.


It takes 4 months to get a carrot from seed.

Both roundworms and pinworms succumb to the powerful carrot.

Okay, go out there and eat a healthy carrot or two!


  1. Carrots are one of the few vegetables my daughter will happily eat so I am glad it has some positives. But she likes them straight from the bag and would never eat them cooked or glazed. That is just how she rolls.

  2. I approve of Kelsey's choice. These maple glazed carrots were cloyingly sweet.

  3. 3 out of 5, that might be the best I've ever done on a quiz of yours. I'll have to try the ol 'knife in the chest' trick next time sweetie wants to go to Calhoun's when I'd prefer Conner's.

    I love raw carrots, cooked carrots are not only my most hated veggie, but they will usually ruin whatever they are in, especially a rice dish. Their horrible flavor will ruin everything they touch.