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Sunday, January 22, 2012

January 22, 2011: Soup It Is and There's a Quiz!

Tonight, I am once again on call at the hospital and that means, "Fend for yourself." Having eaten from the sandwich trough twice this week already, I proactively brought some soup. Campbell's soup and one of their "kettle style" selections: Chicken and Tuscan Bean Soup.

I totally love soup and in the winter, I often make soup once or twice a week. It is so homey and warming and really healthy. It isn't that easy to make soup unhealthy. But it can be done. When I was sick a couple of months ago, I could not eat and I discovered that broth is incredibly salty. When I got to where I could hold down some solids, I started shopping all over the soup aisle. I discovered that nearly all soups are very salty. I couldn't eat fats either, and I discovered LOTS of soups are fatty. But this particular Campbell's soup is RELATIVELY less fatty and has only a modicum of salt in it. And it tastes really good. It isn't what I would make at home, but as a product for "the masses," a certain amount of blandness is probably necessary. Overall, though, I would give it a good solid B as a grade for taste.

So here is your CALL NIGHT QUIZ and tonight, the topic will be not just soup, but CAMPBELL'S SOUP.

And before I get started with the questions, should you ever stray into Pittsburgh, DEFINITELY go and see the Andy Warhol museum. You'll enjoy it.
I promise. Probably alot more than you enjoy Campbell's soup!


Which of the following is NOT a Campbell's soup slogan?
A. Soup is good food.
B. Possibilities.
C. A taste of the good life.
D. Umm Umm Good.
E. It's amazing what soup can do.


Which of the following celebrities never endorsed Campbell's soup?
A. Andy Warhol
B. Ronald Reagan
C. Orson Welles
D. Nancy Kerrigan
E. Johnny Carson


Which of the following statements regarding Campbells soups is FALSE?
A. In China, they produce a watercress and duck gizzard soup.
B. Donovan McNabb has endorsed their soups.
C. In the autumn of 2009, Campbell's lowered sodium content of their soups by 50% and it remains as such today.
D. Campbell's makes some "kosher" soup.
E. In Australia, the vegetarian soup line is called Campbell's Velish.


Which of the following product lines does not belong to Campbell's?
A. V-8
B. Pace Picante
C. Wolfgang Puck's Soup
D. Pepperidge Farm
E. Homepride


According to urban dictionary, "the Campbell's soup version" means:
A. a form of reggae
B. a story told different ways by different witnesses
C. artforms that closely mimic reality
D. Misquoted biblical references
E. A condensed story


1. C--- A taste of the good life is PROGRESSO's motto.


A. He painted the can but he may never have eaten a single cup full!

3. C They did reduce the salt content in 2009, but later they made it just as salty as ever.


The answer is: E. That was sort of a tricky question, because they did own it for a while, but sold it in 2006.

5. E sort of like the 'reader's digest version. If you look up Campbell's soup on urban dictionary, like nearly every other word combo on the planet, you will get a daily supplement of sex education.

Okay, here's to you and soup eating!


  1. 2 for 5. I have a hard time believing Andy Warhol wasn't being ironic with the painting. The other was a lucky guess.

    I'm pretty sure we can make soup unhealthy. I'd say half of our broth is usually heavy cream. Yum.

  2. Well, I don't blame you for the cream. Even if I don't have cream in the soup, I am guilty of sour cream "dollops" on a pretty regular basis.
    Even if you don't think you did well on the "quiz," it appears you still have the winning score.
    I might ask for some technical advice when I see you next on getting these pictures to scale :)