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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bizarro Pizza: Melbourne, Florida--Now That's a Pizza!

January 4, 2012

Honeymoons are the best!
Today, Paul and I spent the day having a great time at Fooser Art Museum, a small but enjoyable art space in Melbourne. And from there, we proceeded to historic downtown Cocoa Beach where my spouse looked for vintage vinyl records. What a surpise (not)!  We topped all that off with a stellar walk at the Rich Grissom Wetland. We saw an alligator and many birds--cute coots, marvelous marsh hens, exquisite egrets, delicate ducks and honorable name a few. 
Then it was down the road to Sebastian Inlet State Park to watch the sunset at 5:49 p.m. If you ever decide to go from Melbourne area, pass the first entrance and go over the bridge to the second entrance. There is nowhere to really view the sunset from the north entrance. But for $8 per vehicle, you can get a spectacular one like this. Well worth it. Take a bottle of wine or soda and a little plate of cheese and crackers. It's almost free! And what a show.
This area is a great spot for fishermen as well. We talked to a friendly guy who was filleting the day's catch of flounder, sheephead and various other ones I could not identify. He was feeding the unwanted parts to pelicans and storks who were lined up in the dozen's for the feast.
    After our great day and amazing sundown, we decided to keep dinner simple. Of course, anyone who knows Paul realizes that is just an excuse for PIZZA. Oh yeah. He is a happy camper anytime those 5 letters get uttered!  We heard there was great old pizzeria, New York style and authentic, down on Indiatlantic Beach, so we thought we would check it out. And we loved the name too: BIZARRO'S Pizza. As you can see, it isn't much bigger than a Dairy Queen.
They cook the pizzas in these long narrow ovens...and it is authentic New York pizza all the way down to the accents of the employees. They sound like they are right out of the Bronx, except when they are calling back and forth to each other in Italian! And they are constantly talking, barking orders, giving spirited instructions to employees, etc. Not a place for peace and quiet, but a great place for piece of pizza!
This tasted as good as it looks. This is a Bizarro's Special. They don't actually have that many kinds of pizza, but what they serve is great. This one had pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onions and green peppers. We had two pieces left, and believe me, they went back to the hotel with us for future munching.  One of the nice things about this pizza was that although there were plenty of ingredients, they didn't flood it with the extras and really concentrated on crispy crust, tasty tomato base and delicious mozzarella cheese on top, so that the very rudimentary ingredients of what makes a pizza great got the most attention. Worked for us! If you are more into calzones, spaghetti or lasagna, they can help you out with that too.
Mr. Parris's opinion: Great crust. Great pizza.
The cost of the small pizza (which was huge) and two small beers (also gigantic): $25 + tax.
Bizarro's pizza overall: Not bizarre at all. Great value.


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