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Saturday, February 4, 2012

February 4, 2012: Leftovers at the Office and a Quiz

Back at the "big house" rescuing people from either ailments or their attempts to be listed in the Darwin Awards!

Tonight, I decided to bring the leftovers of two meals earlier in the week: Shotgun Willie Chili and the kitchen sink salad I had last night. I have to say, they still tasted good.

Rusty Webb (the Blutonian Death Egg) and I have had a little commentary about what a delicious and diverse food chili is. So I think tonight's quiz will have to be What Do You Know about Chili Really?

In the 1800s, what US city already had food carts selling chili?
A. Laredo, Texas
B. Denver, Colorado
C. St. Augustine, Florida
D. San Antonio, Texas
E. New Orlean, Louisiana

Which US city has as many chili outlets as McDonalds?
A. Dallas, Texas
B. Houston, Texas
C. Cincinnati, Ohio
D. Tampa, Florida
E. San Diego, California

Which villian refused to rob a bank in a Texas because his favorite chili parlor was there?
A. Jesse James
B. Wild Bill Hickok
C. John Dillinger
D. Billy the Kid
E. Clyde Barrow

How many pounds of chili does Bush Brothers produce per year?
A. 8 tons
B. 20 tons
C. 5 million
D. 40 million
E. 55 million

Terlingua, Texas held the first chili cookoff ever in 1967. What else was Terlingua Texas known for?
A. Biggest tarantula spider in Guinness Book of World Records
B. Famous photo by Ansel Adams
C. Mercury mining
D. Birthplace of Lyndon B. Johnson's mother.
E. First outpost of the law enforcement group, the Texas Rangers.

"Holy hot peppers, Batman!" Here come the answers.

Answer D.
Home of the beautiful river walk and the first chili carts. I bet they still have some awesome chili there!

Answer: C for Cincinnati
According to the advertisers, you cannot have too much SKYLINE in your life. Apparently, their famous recipe is available at this link:

Answer: A

Apparently, they wanted to be able to come back to McKinney, Texas and enjoy the spicy stew.

Answer: E
I am told that is the same weight as 4,200 male African elephants. NO bull.

Answer: C
I have been to Terlingua, Texas once when I took a boat for a "drag" down the Rio Grande back about 1997 with my friend Joy Stoddard Johnston. It is very small and I have no idea where the cookoff folks would lodge, cause there ain't no lodging in Terlingua. If the biggest tarantula is not from Terlingua, it is just because Guinness hasn't visited yet. In the 1800s the Chisos Mining Company harvested cinnabar in this region. There's actually a book about the company store and all the activities in the region called QUICKSILVER. It is written by Kenneth Ragsdale. I picked it up in Terlingua when I visited Big Bend and I really enjoyed the history. At its heyday, about 2000 folks lived there. Now the population is: 259.

Hope this inspires you to go out and get a scrumptious bowl of chili!


  1. I am fascinated by the outlaw thing. I guess it just all goes to show that some things are more important than money. You just don't know what to who. I love chili too but I think I love more the corn chips and cheese I always eat it with.

  2. Yeah, that might make an interesting and comical short story.
    Corn chips...never like em too much but cheese is one of my many downfalls!

  3. I got Cincinnati right. Nothing else though, although I had narrowed down question number one to San Antonio or Denver... You can see that I didn't do so well.

    And what is it about chili that makes it so darn hard on my stomach. My super bowl chili was a huge success, but man, was it brutal today.