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Monday, January 2, 2012

Atlanta Airport Yum Yum

January 1, 2012

I got married last night and my new husband is a FOODIE! Not that I am not a bit of a gourmand myself!  My intention for this blog is to share recipes, photos and critiques of food MOSTLY that I cook, but also great restaurants we have tried. Thanks for stopping in and checking me out!

Last night, we were in the Atlanta airport, ordinarily a total wasteland for anything worth eating--short of the Savannah Candy Kitchen. But while on our way to Italy last month, we discovered a total gem--at least a sapphire-- called ONE FLEW SOUTH in the Terminal E. Yes, it is a ways away from the hustle and bustle of A or B or even T, but really you will agree worth the effort if you have the time. And we paid less than $20 for our entrees. They have some stunning libations as well.

I got the hamburger. I know it sounds BORING, but it was luscious.  Not only did they have a great look with the pickle slices and the cherry tomatoes, but the fries in a demitasse was a great idea. Also, they put a triangle of nori beneath the demitasse. Great idea for presentation.

If you want to check out the website for this airport fine eatery, it is

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