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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February 7, 2012: Back at Work at the Hospital. Trio of salads/trio of salient patients

On call again at the hospital and as usual, busy, busy, busy! I had the usual groups of interesting how-did-that-happen visitors.

This is a hay slicer. If you run it over hay, it will slice it. If you run it over your foot, it will do the same and spit it out the back end...with your shoe. If you have steel toes in your boots, I have learned, your toes will be just fine. However, when you cut your foot off at the ankle, no one cares much about your perfect toes.
(Don't worry. This is a stock image off GOOGLE, not an actual 'visitor.')

If you weigh 400 lbs and you lay down flat, you can put so much pressure on your diaphragm that you cannot actually breathe well enough to exchange carbon dioxide. If your carbon dioxide gets high enough, you will have "narcosis." And you can even die. If someone finds you on the ground, they might think you hurt yourself and try to send you to another hospital as far away from your own hospital as possible!

Theoretically, a male human out on a basketball court hears three shots and then feels a pain in his leg. Here is good lesson for the lay public. If you are a male human, there are three and only three people who will shoot you.
1. Some dude
2. My friend and
3. That bitch.
In this case, "I didn't see him." (A classic case of SOME DUDE.) Off to the operating room to patch up some pretty significant injuries to the artery and vein.

What is the result of working with these folks? HUNGRY.
Fortunately, the executive cafeteria has some 4 oz. salads so I had the following mix:
1. Cucumber salad
2. fruit salad
3. apple craisin salad

I finished it off with a container of Very Cherry fat free yogurt. YUM.

All the salad were good, but the apple craisin had too much mayo. Oh well. Fills the belly and is relatively healthy.

See ya tomorrow.

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