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Monday, February 27, 2012

February 25th: Fourth and Swift--Engagement Reprise!

About fourteen months ago, my sweet hubby proposed to me in Atlanta at the now defunct Kimpton Hotel. I hope we do better than the Kimpton did, although the facility appears to now be a Renaissance Hotel. After he proposed on New Year's Eve, we went out to a late night meal and rung in the New Year at Fourth and Swift.
This restaurant is located in an old dairy and certainly does NOT disappoint. This was our second trip, and we were pretty sure we would get a great meal. Ends up, we were right! After total restaurant decadence and wallet emptying at Bacchanalia, we were looking for something a little less filling overall, but still really high quality. The restaurant itself maintains a cool vibe with an industrial type interior. One of the nicest things about it is that they have a selection of small plates for sharing, so you don't have to order big portions that might go uneaten.
We decided to order three small courses, a half bottle of wine and a dessert. We started with Mary’s Baby Mixed Lettuces: A combination of fresh microgreens and Yuzu-Pear Vinaigrette, Pickled Cipollinis, Red Beets, Toasted Pistachios, Parmesan Crisp
We followed it with Maine Lobster & Ricotta Dumplings: Bouillabaisse Fumet, Preserved Lemon, Pac Choi, Hon Shimeji Mushrooms, Cured Black Olives And finished up our dinner course with Slow Cooked Mishima Ranch Waygu Beef Saffron Cous Cous, Black Olive Yogurt, Hariss. Waygu is America's answer to Kobe Beef and is just as tender. Designed to mimic the diet that Japanese cattle were receiving, Wagyu cattle in the United States are fed a mixture of corn, alfalfa, barley and wheat straw. They are not however, getting beer like the Japanese cows...and I bet they'd love a Sapporo! I know I would.
The nice thing about small plates is you don't get stuffed and you can share with your sweetie. And it leaves room for: DESSERT. We had a trio of sorbets and a chocolate caramel tart. We thought we had died and went to heaven. The "pistachio paint" next to the tart was every bit as good as the dessert itself.
What did my husband and I think of this meal?
It tastes better married! So good. And all of this with the wine and cocktail each before the meal and tip: $70.00 Highly affordable so ENJOY!

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