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Friday, February 3, 2012

February 1, 2012: Chili when it isn't Chilly?

Knoxville has had an unseasonably warm winter. Ordinarily, I would not complain about this and I guess I am not really going to complain now. BUT...
January was my first month of marriage. I made it through and so did my sweet hubby with no fights, disagreements or any unpleasantness a bit. Oh sure, you might bring up the point that we barely saw one another, but still, pretty amazing stuff.

Big hugs and kisses to my husband for more work well done.

I had pulled quite a lot of stew, soup, stoup and chili recipes to keep us cozy during this winter, but in reality, there has not been much need to use them. But tonight, I just thought chili sounded great. I have quite a few great chili recipes, but since I had to work all day, I want to introduce you all to the best "cheaters" chili available. It doesn't require ZERO work on your part, but it greatly reduces your time commitments and makes a wonderfully hearty and delicious bowl of TEXAS RED.
Technically, chili is a spicy STEW and there are about as many regional varieties as there are regions that make it. Cincinnati chili, Skyline as an example, often has chocolate in it and might even be served over spaghetti.

But I don't serve this chili over any pasta. It is TOO GOOD, either by the package directions which make a pot of chili WITHOUT beans, or by my modifications.

The brand is SHOTGUN WILLIE's and it is almost as good as my own made from scratch and a whole lot better than a number of made from scratch chilis I have been served by friends.

The package directions call for an 8 oz can of tomato sauce and 2 lbs of hamburger meat and if desired, a can of red kidney beans. They use masa flour as a thickening agent in this recipe at the very end and it is wonderful.

When I make it, I use 1 lb of lean ground beef and about 1/2 lb of sausage. I prefer Jimmy Dean sage, but any brand would do--even turkey sausage if you want. I added a teaspoon of adobo (canned chipotle peppers). Then I add a can and a half of bean, because, I LIKE BEANS.

I garnished the chili with shredded "mexican" cheese and diced scallions.

For dessert, my poor husband was forced to once again eat the chocolate chip mocha cheesecake, but he survived! (for images of this cheesecake and the recipe, see January 31, 2012 blog)

My husband's opinion of this meal:
Chili: Hearty, tasty and perfect amount of spice
Chocolate chip cheesecake: Really good.

So that was the beginning dinner of my second month of marriage.


  1. Chili. My greatest weakness. Well aside from tons of other dishes. But Chili in particular is a food that I seem to crave in an almost overpowering manner at times.

    I think I make a pretty nice Chili, at least I like it. Although other folks aren't always as thrilled with it as I am.

    Still, part of the reason I like it is that as a dish, the one I make tastes so different from what my wife makes that they are practically entirely different food types.

  2. Is there anything better than chili. I have always wanted to attend a chili cook-off and I think knoxville even has one.

    Maybe sometime we could just ask all the writers in our group to bring their version of chili. It is SO versatile. I totally understand what you are saying about Tina's chili vs. yours.

    If you have time, send me your recipe!