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Friday, March 2, 2012

March 1, 2012: Holy Lou Manati's! Now THAT's a pizza!

Somewhere in 32 locations in Chicagoland, Illinois, there is PIZZA! I love thin crust pizzas the best, but when in Chicago, do as the windy and try the deep dish pizza. There are several excellent purveyors of the pie: Bacinos, Chicago Pizza Company, My Pi, Giordanos and the famous Lou Manati's. Fortunately for me, I didn't even have to go to Chicago to get it!
This guy who is my boss and his beautiful wife Jean sent me a lovely pizza for Christmas. They did this a few years back too. That time, I had visitors in my home and they ate it WITHOUT ME! So I was raring to get a taste of this one. And boy was it good. Lots of gooey mozzarella and sweet tomato sauce. YUM What did my lovely spouse think of this dish? "I never met a pizza I didn't like." Well said, hubby! If you are ever in Chicago, check out Lou Manati's or SOMEBODY's CHicago deep dish pizza. My favorite is SPINACH. Or order Lou Manati's on line: ENJOY!


  1. You got mailed a pizza? How does that work?

    Anyway, looks like I've missed a ton of posts. It's funny not knowing what you've been eating for dinner lately.

  2. That's just wrong that they ate it without you. I am also wondering about this pizza in the mail thing.

  3. That is good pizza, agree with Paul stated a little differently, there is no bad pizza, just some better than others :-)